Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gen 1, Chap 3

Agatha is in love! So much so that she ended up pregnant before the wedding! With her in her third trimester and wanting to be an honest woman before the baby gets here, Agatha and Gavin eloped in the garden in a private ceremony.

They were happy to get married, but the pregnancy has been hard on Agatha, so she immediately went to bed.

Soon baby Beatrice came into the world. With a daughter and heir born, Agatha wanted to make sure her child had all the luxuries she could want. She has added a living room, kitchen, and a bedroom for her daughter. She made the room bigger than her and Gavin's because she isn't satisfied with one child, she is already trying for a second!

Gen 1 Chap 2

Life has been pretty good for Agatha. Luckily with all the work she has been putting into her writing she breezed through several promotions putting as much distance between her and that crazy ex-boss of hers. With a little hard work and a  lot of saving, Agatha was able to build this quaint home.

 Then with a little more saving and polishing things up she upgraded her home to this.

Now that she has a rook over her head, Agatha thought it was about time she started fixing her personal life. It's not like she's getting any younger and that biological clock of hers is ticking. After hanging out at the library she met this nice man, Gavin and they got to know each other a little before she invited him out on a date.

Shake yo groove thang girl!

The date was a smashing success and earned a gold medal. They spent the night dancing and talking before doing a little kissing. Agatha enjoyed herself so much she proposed to Gavin without me noticing!

Gen 1. Chap. 1

Agatha is new to the Willow Creek neighborhood and the first thing she did was kick the Landgraab's off their land and take it for her own. Mr. Landgraab came soon after, I'm guessing to berate Agatha for her highhandedness, but who can resist her charm? Within minutes they were chatting like old friends and Landgraab forgot his original reason for coming.

Mr. Landgraab doesn't seem too upset with Agatha.

She knew she needed a few basic things to survive so she bought the things she needs. Nothing makes a girl happier than a shopping trip. She enjoyed it so much she eventually went back and bought a toilet and shower.

Lucky Agatha loves the outdoors and doesn't need a roof.

Agatha never thought she would live in such poverty, but she is handling it very well. With the shopping she has done she has all the comforts she needs and is pretty satisfied.

Plus with a fishing pond near by and planting a nice garden, Agatha is able to up her skills and feed herself. She is doing very well for an innocent young lady.

Agatha knew she needed to get a job, so she signed up to be a writer's assistant. Her first day of work went well until her diva of a boss went ballistic about Agatha not catching all of her boss's typos. In order to get promoted faster (and possibly make some money on the side), Agatha headed to the library on her day off to work on her own children's book and get some more writing skills.

Let's just hope this side gig works out for her better than her first day of work did.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Introducing the DuPonts!

This is my first time documenting a Sims Legacy, so I am glad to start with a fun loving girl like Agatha DuPont!

Ain't she adorable!

Agatha DuPont
1st Generation
Traits: Alluring, Romantic, Loves the Outdoors, Family-Oriented
Aspiration: Soulmate

I'm not keeping score with this legacy (that is just way too much thinking for me and Agatha), but I am playing by the rules.

Strict Matriarch (Only the females can inherit)
Traditional (Adopted children cannot become heir unless there are no natural born children)
First Born (The eldest eligible child is the heir)

For added fun, each new child's name will start with the next letter of the alphabet. Since Agatha is an A her first child would be a B, second C, and so on.